Dale & Ernie
Dale & Ernie
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Welcome To Our Family Page
We were married August 5, 2000. Click to see some of our Wedding Pictures

We were each married twice before. Dale has 2 daughters (Gale & Jeannine) from her first marriage. Ernie has 2 sons (Michael & Ernie) from his first marriage and Ernie's second wife had children when they married , so he has 3 children (Mike, Dave, & Christine) from that marriage.

Our granddaughter Kris and our daughter Gale were each married in 2019. This increased the number of both our grandchildren (+2) and our great-grandchildren (+5).

We have 16 grandchildren: Brian, Kristina, Erica, MacKenzie, Kane, Alex, Jon, Jesse, Kayla, Peyton, TJ, Kendralyn, Olivia, Klark, Shane, and Ashleigh.

We have 11 great-grandchildren: Lance, Aidyn, Ryan, Zachery, Trinity, Bruce, Tim Hayden, Briana, Xavior, Damion, and Alysha.

To learn more about our children and see pictures of them and their families, click the images below.

Gale's Family Jeannine's Family Michael's Family Ern's Family Mike's Family Dave,s Family Christine's Family
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Last updated:   jul 05 2020