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Rafting The Grand Canyon & SW USA - September 2007

In 2006 we were talking to a couple of our friends who had done a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. It sounded great to us, but neither of us thought we would actually do it.

Shortly after this Dale received an email from another friend, Sharon, saying that her and her husband Dave were considering rafting through the Grand Canyon. They wanted to know if we may be interested in going with them. Dale asked Ernie about it and we started making plans with Dave and Sharon.

We had made all the arrangements and were looking forward to going in August, 2006. Dave had a heart attack and triple by-pass surgery 3 weeks prior to the scheduled start of the trip. We decided we did not want to go without Sharon and Dave so we all cancelled, luckily we had taken out trip insurance and only lost out on a small amount.

As Dave got better we started looking into it again. We decided that the best time to go would be in September. The trip that fit our schedules best was a mid-week to mid-week trip with Canyoneers, so we planned a two week vacation with time to do things before and after the rafting trip.

Dave and Sharon stayed at our house Friday, September 7 and we all went to the airport early Saturday morning to fly to Phoenix.

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   Pheonix, AZ
   Pheonix, AZ to Page, AZ
   Bryce Canyon National Park
   Antelope Canyon
   Rafting Through The Grand Canyon
   Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim

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