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Rafting The Grand Canyon & SW USA - September 2007
Phoenix, AZ

Dale's father is buried in Phoenix and she had never had the opportunity to visit his grave. She had the cemetery name and the section and plot numbers. Our first stop in Phoenix was at the cemetery. Unfortunately, he is not buried at the site that Dale had. We went to the administration building, but they are not open on weekends. We noted the phone number. After returning from the rafting trip we contacted cemetery administration and found that when his wife (not Dale's mother) died she was buried in a coffin. Since her father had been cremated there was not enough room at the plot where he had been buried, so they disinterred his ashes and buried them with his wife. Upon returning to Phoenix the day before we were to fly back Dale was able to visit his grave and had Ernie read a scripture passage there.

Sharon and Dave have some friends in Phoenix, Linda and Alan. Sharon had emailed Alan about the rafting trip and he suggested we visit them and stay with them the first night. He said they had a spare bedroom and an air-conditioned trailer so there would be plenty of room for the four of us. After the first visit to the cemetery we went to Linda's store. Linda was surprised to see Sharon and Dave and asked where we were staying. Alan had not mentioned our visit to Linda and had gone on a hunting trip with the trailer. Linda gave us a key to the house and said we would be able to stay there. When she came home from the store she provided us with a great meal and found all of us places to sleep.
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