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Rafting The Grand Canyon & SW USA - September 2007
Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim

The next morning we headed to the top of the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We parked in a lot near the area where the visitor center is located and went to the path along the rim. We made our way slowly to the visitor center stopping to enjoy the scenery every couple of minutes. The Grand Canyon is not as "beautiful" in the classic sense from the top as it is from the bottom, but it is an awesome sight due to the size of the canyon and splendor of its rock formations.
When we neared the visitor center we reached a spot where we could watch condors flying around in the canyon. These are huge graceful birds that it is a pleasure to just stand an watch.
After a stop in the visitor center we made our way back to the car and drove east along the rim road. We saw many mule deer and some coyotes as well as smaller wildlife like birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.
We stopped several times to enjoy the scenery including a couple of places where we could see the river. As it was getting close to sundown and the rafters pull into shore fairly early to provide enough time to be able to see to unload and setup supper, we only saw a couple of rafts.
One place where we stopped was "The Desert View Watchtower". From here we could see a lot of smoke on the north rim, we asked about it and discovered it was fires set to control vegetation growth. We also saw a beautiful sunset. When we were leaving it was fully dark and with the lights shining in the windows this looked like a Halloween attraction. (Pictures)

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